Est. 1997

If we have served your family before, you understand we take a professional approach to one of the worst times a family or individual may experience. Our new clients can rest assured we will be with you every step of the way to keep everything on track. Repeatedly our clients tell us we kept it simple. That we will do, as we navigate all the legal requirements & your personal wishes.  With decades of service behind us, we can only demand the most of ourselves for those we serve. Our pricing is designed to never have to cut corners in any step along the way. This ensures  the best service possible.

Most important,  the medical professionals have our 24 hr phone:


  • After they are ready for release, they are to give us a call
  • Each case is reviewed to approach the arrangement on individual basis and preferences.
  • After a death has occurred, and transportation has been completed,  a phone call is made to the family to establish procedures unique to their needs.
  • We will make an appointment at your convenience, to obtain the legal signature required & expand on any details. Some prefer to handle all the legal documents themselves as our families out of the area do, just request them.
  • Social Security will be notified
  • Death certificate(s) will be sent directly to a designated recipient.
  • Usually between 7 & 10 business days, we are ready to contact the recipient of cremated remains for a personal delivery or prepare them to go out of state. Signatures are always required upon delivery.
  • A formal urn is not required. But if requested a catalogue will be available. Otherwise cremated remains will be in a rigid protective container, placed in a velour cover.
  • Your family will not need to go anywhere or do anything.
  • Our procedural steps are designed from an out of industry philosophy based on the medical profession.
  • Don’t hesitate to call  to discuss details particular to your circumstances.


It’s is always our honor to serve your family.

American Veritas Group, Inc.
“Bill” D’Addio
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Serving throughout Florida since 1997